August 2015

Attached are the slides of the proposal for the Urban Improvement of Lado Sarai

July 2015

The Lado Sarai Urban Improvement Project has been launched in the community early this year. The project seeks to put into implementation mode the work of research and study done by Greha and Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) over a long period of time.

December 1989

"Can our architectural language be such that it is easily understood by ordinary people?" (S J Narwekar Memorial Lecture, Ahmedabad)

October 1975

The enclosed programme provides a basis by which a pilot study can be carried out in Delhi.

It shows how the existing housing process can be revolutionised by introducing “People’s Participation” in mass housing. We enumerate below the five essential components of the project.

March 1987

In this paper Greha highlighted the following goals and objectives as necessary preconditions for any urbanisation strategy for the spontaneous settlements;

October 1987

The Committee deliberated upon the procedures for grant of building plan approvals and completion certificates including the role of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission therein.

January 1981

An initiative has been taken by the Ahmedabad Study Action Group (ASAG) along with Selavip International (Sericio Latino Americano Y Asiatico De Vivienda Popular), to organise a series of seminars on Non-Conventional and Alternative Approaches to Shelter the Urban Poor: Local and International Ex

June 2009

Presentation made for DfID (Department for International Development), Govt. of UK

To see the presentation, click attachment.

March 2009

Drawing 1: Master Plan
Drawing 2: Settlement Drainage Plan
Drawing 3: Neighbourhood Drainage
Drawing 4: Proposed System for One Street
Drawing 5: Engineering Concept
Drawing 6: Johar Scheme - Existing Road Network
Drawing 7: Johar Scheme - Road Widening Scheme

March 2009

A framework for sustainable urban development
To see the document, click attachment.

January 2009

To see the map, click attachment.

January 2001

Attachment 1: Proposal for the Development of an Eco Park in Aya Nagar

Attachment 2: Proposal for Redevelopment of Aya Nagar Village and its Proto-urban Extension

January 2001

An initiative of 'urban renewal by citizens' carried out by Greha and funded by Delhi Kalyan Samiti

February 1975

The concept of group housing or collective housing, where homes share land and community facilities and are built together to standard designs through a single agency, has its beginning in contemporary India during the first quarter of this century.

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